About Us

We are a young team from China, currently living in Germany and China. We love beautiful arts and crafts.

Born and raised in China, we grew up immersed in Chinese arts: porcelain and pottery, jade and jewelry, calligraphy and ink wash painting, silk and embroidery, Buddha statues and temples, and many more. Some of them are as old as the Chinese culture and have evolved over thousands of years.

Not only classical pieces, but we also love modern arts, especially the collision and fusion between traditional Chinese crafts and modern western aesthetics – simply awesome. We want to share our joy with more people and introduce Chinese arts to the world.

Hence we founded fulu ART.

Among all the Chinese art forms, we choose to start with porcelain – elegant, diverse, and mysterious. We are very grateful for the opportunity of working with arts. Arts do not only bring us beauty and joy, but also self-awareness and self-esteem.

We look forward to welcoming you at our gallery.

We donate 1% of our revenue to Plan International | Because I’m a Girl.

All items sold and presented by fulu ART are 100% designed by Chinese and 100% made in China. We do not trade antiques. All items are made within the last decade.

fulu is dedicated to promoting cultural diversity, understanding, and tolerance with the following projects:

  1.  fulu ART – present Chinese arts and crafts to the world
  2. fulu Culture – introduce Chinese culture and people to the world
  3. fulu International (coming soon) – support Chinese artists in international exchange

The team

Dr.-Ing. DU Yu

Living in Germany since 10+ years. Former Engagement Manager (project manager) at McKinsey & Co. Munich office. Founded fulu in 2017. Duly (nickname) was a Mechanical Engineer prior to McKinsey. Got her Bachelor and Master degrees at School of Aerospace Engineering, Tsinghua University in China. Then got Dr.-Ing. degree at Technische Universität Darmstadt in Germany. Followed by several years as Research Engineer at GE.

When Duly was small, she used to watch her grandma make ink wash paintings, listen to Peking opera with her grandpa, and flip through their books of antiques. In retrospect, the fulu idea seems destined to happen.


Graduated from Design School at China Central Academy of Fine Arts and received her Master degree. Jia currently lives and works in Beijing, China. She worked at Wang Xu’s studio (wx-design) as Senior Designer for several years. She continuously deepended her understanding of design and sharpened her skills. In recent years Jia has gradually turned to experimental design and art research, focusing on revealing the unique spiritual characteristics of things. She has developed an independent artistic standpoint and attitude. In 2017, Jia became a partner of Fulu Arts and Culture with the vision of connecting people around the world to the beauty of Chinese Oriental Art through Fulu.

HOU Tao & HOU Bin

Active in the Chinese porcelain and pottery business for almost ten years. We have an established network of top masters and workshops in Dehua and Jingdezhen, the “porcelain capital” of China. Focused on the mid to high end segments, we strive to obtain the finest modern works of art for our customers. We have established our own studio and brand “Shang De Tang” in Tianjin, China.

Dr.-Ing. ZHANG Lingyun

Architect. Living in Germany since 10+ years.