We donate 1% of our total sales to Plan | Because I’m a Girl

When a stylish dinner in downtown Munich costs more than 3-month tuition for a kid who cannot afford it and has to drop out of school, I feel there is something not quite right.

So I want to do something to change it, something really simple – make an affordable donation to charity.

I have been donating monthly to Plan International since 2013, helping a school-age girl in a remote village in China.

Now with fulu, we can take it to the next level – the team decides to donate 1 cent out of every Euro (excl. VAT) we receive from you to Plan International.

Why focus on girls charity?

Because almost all members of the fulu founding team are ladies, including myself. A happy coincidence.

I am lucky to have grown up freely and healthily: have been given same chances as boys; have never been told to do this or not to do that “because you are a girl”.

Not every girl is this lucky.

Gender inequality is real and we need to fight it in every aspect. I believe one of the key aspects is to give girls equal education and not to limit their dreams “because they are girls”.

Hence we choose to donate to Because I’m a Girl by Plan International.

When fulu grows larger, we will donate to more charity programs.


DU Yu on behalf of the fulu team